Krav Maga            
Frontline Krav Maga - Israeli Fighting System
Why take years to learn what we teach you in one. 
We strip out the excess, waste no time with push ups and situps and use every minute
to teach you only what you NEED to know to survive a violent or hostile encounter. 

Easy to Learn - Realistic - Practical - Authentic  
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UPCOMING Weapon Defense training Course and live firearms shooting seminar seminar now being scheduled.
  Rick Seid, Founder / Developer of FRONTLINE KRAV MAGA and FIGHTING CHANCE and a father of two, has 20 years experience training and instructing real life self-defense fighting courses to women, children, senior citizens, security and police personnel from all the major U.S. agencies.  Additionally, Rick has taught many special training courses to a variety of specific groups such as United Airlines flight attendants and law enforcement officers and personnel from both the United States and Canada.  After hearing too many stories of abduction, Seid created FIGHTING CHANCE because as a parent, with the same fears for his kids, he wanted to share his training with children, the most vulnerable of all. Providing real solutions to life threatening encounters by predators.

For the last 16 years, Seid has focused his teaching on the unique, practical and effective Israeli military and civilian self-defense fighting arts.  Israeli self-defense fighting arts were designed in the mid 1940s for the Israeli military and later adapted as a way for Israel’s citizens and schoolchildren to protect themselves from the dangers of turmoil, war and potential terrorist attacks in schools and everyday life.

Rick's system of training courses focuses on providing the average person, regardless of age, size or gender, with the skills and fighting spirit needed to respond to a real-life attack, whether that be a carjacking, a burglary, rape attempt or an abduction.  The training is designed to bring the average person to a high level of proficiency in a short period of time. 

In his video and book “Give Your Kids a Fighting Chance™” Seid focuses on children's safety.  Within the video, Seid teaches tactical responses and car escape techniques that are simple, easy to remember, fun to practice and effective in resisting an attacker.  These skills give children, if they are ever the target of an abduction, physical or sexual assault a real fighting chance to escape and, more importantly, to survive.

In his Womens Fighting Chance DVDs, Seid extends the training to consider the threats of home invasion, date rape, parking lot threats, college campuses and lessons to recognize, avoid or fight back against life threatening scenarios in a way no others have considered.

Rick’s extensive bio includes 33 years in the financial world, college and professional baseball and on November 7, 2011 Rick was inducted into the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame for his athletic achievements.

“Rick Seid is the top of the hill in this arena. Often copied, he is the real deal.”


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